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Spice Viet – Preserving the Vietnamese Flavor with Fiery Passion

Despite being situated amidst modern and bustling streets, Spice Viet is one of the restaurants that consistently maintains the fiery spirit in preserving the taste of the Vietnamese cuisine.

Spice Viet is part of the Thiên Minh Group’s service chain (a member of the Safe Destinations Initiative), aiming to offer diners traditional Vietnamese dishes. With over 50 dishes ranging from simple and rustic to specialties from the Northern, Central and Southern regions, Spice Viet is the go-to place for travelers seeking to explore Vietnamese cuisine.

Guests can watch the cooking process directly at Spice Viet Restaurant in ÊMM Hotel Saigon.

The dishes at Spice Viet are prepared from the freshest ingredients, bearing the distinctive local touch combined with traditional cooking techniques of Vietnamese chefs. This creates unique culinary experiences that are quintessentially Vietnamese for diners. Particularly noteworthy, visitors can also participate in cooking alongside chefs if they wish, creating their own Vietnamese dishes.

Banh xeo prepared at Spice Viet.

More than just a place to enjoy delicious food, Spice Viet is also a venue where travelers can learn about the stories and origins of each dish. Through these stories, visitors gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s culinary culture, fostering a greater love and appreciation for traditional dishes.

A charming corner at Spice Viet Saigon.

In harmony with the main course is the ambiance, and Spice Viet pays meticulous attention to providing diners with a Vietnamese atmosphere. The restaurants are adorned with familiar items such as fish traps, rice cutting sickles, and bamboo ladders, evoking thoughts of agricultural activities and the country celebrated as the cradle of rice civilization.

Entering Spice Viet gives visitors a sense of closeness to the countryside.

Currently, Spice Viet restaurants are present in all three regions of Vietnam, offering convenient opportunities for both travelers and locals to enjoy the cuisine and admire the beautiful landscapes. For example, Spice Viet in Flower Garden is located right next to Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Spice Viet in ÊMM Hotel Hue is situated near the Perfume River, Spice Viet in ÊMM Hotel Hoi An is close to the Cầu Chùa pagoda in Hoi An’s Old Quarter, and Spice Viet in ÊMM Hotel Saigon is right next to famous landmarks such as Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon, Ben Thanh Market, and Independence Palace.


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