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Green Tourism Inside-out at ÊMM Hotel Hoi An

Not merely a short-term trend to comfort the minds of post-pandemic travelers, green tourism has always played a pivotal role in the sustainable development strategy of ÊMM Hotel Hoi An in particular and Thien Minh Group in general.

Photo: ÊMM Hotel Hoi An – Leading 4-star hotel in Hoi An Ancient Town

In a controlled context with both domestic and international tourists choosing Hoi An as their top destination post-pandemic, ÊMM Hotel Hoi An took the lead in eco-friendly tourism and responsible tourism for both the environment and society. It also takes pride in receiving the 2022 Green Tourism Certification from Quang Nam Province.

Apart from the eye-catching turquoise green theme that adds a fresh and vibrant touch to its interior and exterior designs, the “green” experience at this one of the top five most beautiful hotels in Hoi An comes from every small detail during your stay.

Photo: Vibrant turquoise in the interior design of the hotel

In fact, the hotel optimizes many operational activities by saving electricity, water, limiting waste discharge, and encourages guests to participate through letters placed in rooms and through images of the hotel’s green activities displayed on waste separation bins and composting areas.

The ÊMM team also makes daily efforts to replace disposable items such as combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, and shower gel with reusable, easily recyclable materials. The use of plastic and nylon is unavoidable to some extent, but ÊMM Hotel Hoi An proactively classifies waste in the rooms for easy disposal.

Photo: “Green” grounds of ÊMM Hotel Hoi An

In addition, the hotel’s green area uses organic waste as fertilizer, yielding bountiful harvests of corn, lemongrass, squash, and popcorn, etc.

Photo: ÊMM Hotel Hoi An utilizes organic waste as compost for its garden

The hotel’s director, Ms Ngo Kim Anh, stated, “We do small things every day, only thinking of it as the right thing to do rather than considering it green tourism.”

Indeed, these small actions by ÊMM Hotel Hoi An have not only helped build an image of green and guest-friendly tourism at the hotel but also aligned with the group’s long-term sustainable business direction.

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